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I am thankful for what God is teaching me about making disciples in Mango.   It has always been a dream as a missionary to live among the people where you are working.  This week I have seen God giving me opportunities to minister to people as you live day to day with them. 


Behind my house there is compound that has several different rooms with different families living in them.  One of the families the father is a military officer who is currently getting training in Lomé.  His wife is very pregnant with their 3 child.  She is almost at her due date and the govt. hospital here in town said that she needed to go to Dapong, which is an hour away, to have her baby.  The baby is too big and she might need a c-section done which that cannot do at the govt. hospital as there is no surgeon.  So last week I took her to Dapong as to ride a taxi is often overcrowded and not the most comfortable.  I was thankful to have a way to show her that I wanted to help.  She seemed to really appreciate the ride.  As of today she has not yet had the baby.


Her son, Marius, came over the next day, last Sat. and had nothing to do.  I thought it would be fun if we could do a little corn field in my back yard.  So he and I started digging rows to plant the seed.  In a bit the other kids, whose picture I have sent before, came to help put the corn in the ground.  We have been doing a chronological study of the bible, starting with creation, so I took the opportunity to ask questions about who created this corn that we were planting.  It really was fun to do with them, and our corn is already sprouting!! 


On Tues. afternoon one the neighbor girls came to get me to say that an older man that lives behind me was sick and needed to go to the hospital.  I got my car and went over to pick him up.  He was not able to walk and seemed as if he was having a stroke.  We took him to the govt. hospital.  It was an interesting experience watching the process.  It was quite sometime before they got an IV in him and since they have no doctors the nurse started doing the treatment.  A few hours later he died.  I learned the next morning that they took his body to Kara, which is 2 hours away as they do not have morgues here in Mango.  I went to give my condolescenes to the family.    It reminds me of people here that are dying with no hope, who are lost.  That is why we are here!   So please pray for this family and that I might have an opportunity to talk with his daughter about eternal things. 


A few days ago I was talking to some women who were outside sitting and talking.   They were asking me about what I had prepared to eat that day.  I said it was something American.  They commented about wanting to come and eat.  So I invited them to come today, Friday and try some.  This morning I went and again invited them to eat at noon.  Later I saw one of the ladies again and said that I had prepared the food and were they coming?  She said yes.   All afternoon they never came.  I went out later to go visit a woman and her son who live right behind my house.  The little boy has cerebral palsy and does not walk or talk,  but has a beautiful smile which lights up when you talk to him.  Again it was a great encouragement to go visit him and his grandmother was so thankful that I had come to see them. 


So finally at 8pm last night my lunch guests showed up to eat!!  I am learning alot of being flexible and just loving people.  It is all about loving people without thinking of my own agenda.  We had a nice visit and I told them that I was very happy that they came (even though they were 8 hours late!).  So I praise God for the relationships He is building here.  I pray that I might continue to be a light of Christ to these people. 


Medina continues to come for our chronological study.  I praise God that He is really working in her life and is giving her a desire to understand His word.  I gave her a copy of the New Testament in French and Arabic.  She said that her husband is also reading it in Arabic.  Please pray that God’s word will open their eyes to truth and they would understand what Christ has done for them.


I also wanted to update you on the hospital construction.   They were able to figure out a way to lift up the tresses without a crane, it is quite a process, but praise God it worked.  Also, regarding the well, there is more water coming out now so it is enough for to provide for our present needs.  So praise God for that, and pray that God might continue to bring more water.   The exoneration we have now heard has not been accepted so we will have to pay duty on anything brought in.  Pray that God might provide the means to pay for this cost. 


Finally I would ask for prayer as I travel on Sunday to the south.  I will be filling in for the director of our Tsiko hospital while she is in the states.  There are some difficult issues going on so pray for great wisdom and humility as I serve in this role.  Pray for the hospital as an employee has sent a threatening letter to several missionaries there and to another Togolese working in Administration.  Pray for protection of Germain and his family as well as the work at the hospital.     Pray that this person might be made known and would have a spirit of repentance. 


I am so thankful that I serve the creator of the universe, the King of Kings, who reigning and ruling over all!!  Pray that I might be most satisfied with Him and that my greatest desire is that others would see Him in me!


Thanks so much for your faithful prayers,






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I have
enjoyed having lots of guests in my house this month.  With my friend
Solim here for the month, she has been able to cook lots of African
meals.  I am thankful that Medina
and her
son and daughter were able to come for pate one day.  In the
picture below you will Solim and Medina
and her children.  What I am really excited about is that Medina and I have started
a chronological bible study.  She is very interested in learning what the
Bible says.  So please pray for Medina
and I as we meet
on Sat. morning to study God’s word, pray that she might
understand the message of God’s word.

One of the
ministries in Mango is a sewing apprenticeship for orphans from surrounding
villages.  It has been started by a Togolese man named, Nogbedzi.  He
and his family moved here to start this ministry.  He currently has 17
apprentices.  We hope that many will be saved and will go back to their
villages to be a light that might penetrate their villages.  This past
Friday eve. We, the Neufelds and myself, had all the apprentices at my house
for a social.  We played games (see photo below) and then some
songs.  Tim Neufeld our team leader shared a devotional from God’s
word.   We really had a good time, and I truly enjoy spending time
with them.   Two of the apprentices have already been saved in this
last year, so we praise God for that.  Please pray that God would
continue to work in their hearts of the apprentices.

Thank you for
praying for Solim and her stay with me.  We have had some good
conversations about what God is doing in her life.  She will be leaving
tomorrow to go to Dapong to spend two weeks with her sister and family.  I
will be taking her, pray for us as we share the gospel with her sister’s
family.  Pray also for Solim that she will continue to serve and love
God will all of her life.

 Thank you as
well for praying for Joseph who works in literacy with me.  We really
thought that he was seriously ill but God has strengthened him and is doing
much better and able to be home with his family.  So praise God for his

This past
week letters have been sent out seeking new employees for our hospital in
Tsiko.  We hope to be hiring 15-20 new employees that could later be
considered as candidates for the next nursing training program.  We are
hoping to get candidates from the north of
that would be able to serve as nurses at our Hospital of Hope
in Mango.  Please pray that God would bring the people that He would
want to be considered as possible nurses,  people that want to see this
work as a ministry and not just a job opportunity.

In a few
weeks, I will be going down to Tsiko for about a month.  Annette Williams
the directrice is going to the states for a few months and asked if I would
help fill in for her in her absence.I would ask that you pray for the hospital at Tsiko for a problem with some employees.  Satan
is really attacking in this situation, I would ask that you would pray much for
this ministry.  Also pray for baby Sarah.  She is the orphan baby that was 3 months premature. The hospital is seeking custody with the courts,
pray that would grant this soon so she can be placed in a
Christian home. 
(see picture of her below)

 I am thankful for the progress with the Anufo language.  I am actually starting to say phrases
and understand more.  Please pray for continued discipline to study as I need to.  I thank God as well for the opportunity to share the story
Adam and Eve with my language partner, Roukiya, this past week.  That
was very exciting.  Pray that God would give more opportunities to share from God’s word.

 And finally
pray for the ongoing construction of the Hospital of Hope. 
We were unable to find a crane, it is a long story.  But they have figured out another
way to get the tresses up on the buildings .  So pray that God would
protect our workers as they try to do this in the next week or so.
Medina and her children: Togo, Africa

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